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EURODUNA Logistics

The EURODUNA Logistics GmbH is the logistic back-up of the EURODUNA Group. With a space of more than 2,600 sqm not less than 1,500 pallets can be stored. With the completion of the new warehouse this coming summer, the total space will be increased to 4,500 sqm offering space for approx. 2,900 pallets.

Customers and suppliers of the group can count on excellent logistic services, such as the un-/loading 24/7, warehousing even for longer periods, repacking of pallets with different measurements and the unloading of sea-containers with non-palettised bags. In an emergency, we will be happy to store your product overnight in case of a logistic problem with your own trucks.

Year of foundation: 2017
Employees: 5
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